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The Incredible Misfits



Se The Incredible Misfits' koncert fra Kultur Der Dur 2017.


About the project


On the 13th of February 2017, six musicians all with a mental disability met at “Time Fades Away” studio in Åbyhøj, Denmark to record as many numbers as possible over a four day period.


The six musicians joined together from three different european countries: Lasse, Danny, Jacob and Sonni from Lasse Lindholm Band (Denmark), Calle from Crazy Mike (Sweden) and Wouter from United By Music (Holland)


What happened during the next four days was magic. Eight songs were recorded; five classic cover songs and three original songs written by Calle and Niklas from Crazy Mike (track 1, 3 and 8).


Jacob left the project after the first day, as he felt he didn’t fit in musically, but he did manage to put some guitar and percussion on a couple of tracks before departing.


After the first days of recording, someone mentioned “hey, it would be great to have a female vocalist on a few numbers”, so without much thought we invited Winnie (former vocalist in Lasse Lindholm Band) to the sessions, and as always, Winnie came up with the goods.


I believe this is the first ever CD recorded in this form, made possible by all three bands being members of “Music Unites Europe”, a project aimed at bringing mentally disabled musicians from different european countries together to exchange and develop musical ideas and at the same time form hopefully long lasting friendships.


Projects like this cost money, and without the continous support from MUE and Sølund Musik-Festival this could never have been possible.



Future plans


A full CD followed by a tour. The Incredible Misfits are here to stay and hopefully will encourage others to take the same road.


A big thank you to Lasse Mortensen and the whole Sølund Musik-Festival family, Frank from Woodstock Guitars, Jes from DRS Drums, Lars Jespersen for photos, Joris van Wijngaarden (UBM), all the guys in Crazy Mike as well as our favourite Winnie.


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Project leader Brian Laurie


Cell: +45 21 68 58 33